Smart Led Light With Timer

Smart Led Light With Timer

Here is a Led light won't diappointed you.

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Features of this Led light:

    1. At 9 p.m. to 7 a.m.,you can shake the light to open warm white light and enter into night light mode. 3 minutes later the night light will automatically turn off. 

    2. Auto off timer. Turns the light automatically after 15-90 minutes if you forger, fall asleep, or don't want to get up ti turn it off.

    3. Beep time. It can remind you that ties up when you are exercise, cooking, and any other activities. You can set 15/30/60/90minutes.

    4. Smart alarm clcok function. When the clock rang, the ligh will oopen automatically, too. Shaking the item can enter it into snooze function. 10 minutes later it'll ring again for twice.

    5. Nigth color switch. 9 Vibrant color with adjustable brightness setting.

    6. Build-in 2000mAh battery. Hight brightness level can up to 6 hours.


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