This HP-06 mini SAD light box is our latest design.
  • SAD Light

    SAD Light

    You can rest assured that this bright light system was designed with the highest quality and safety standards. With proper use, it will offer you many bright and cheerful winters!Read More
  • 10000lux Light Box
  • Happy Light
  • Light Therapy Lamp

    Light Therapy Lamp

    The natural light of a sunny day is over 100 times brighter than indoor lighting. When we are deprived of natural light, our body clock falters.Read More
  • 10,000 LUX Light Box

    10,000 LUX Light Box

    Happy Light LED Bright Therapy Lamp LED, UV-FREE, FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT - Delivers the recommended 10,000 lux (light level) intensity for effective light therapy SLEEK, MODERN TABLET DESIGN - Blends seamlessly into office or home decor and can be positioned vertically or...Read More
  • SAD Therapy Light

    SAD Therapy Light

    Winter is comming,as night becomes longer and day time shorter. In winter days, people feel extremly uncomfortable, symptops as hard to sleep well at night and more difficult to wake up in the morning. Medical research found that this "winter blue" is resulted in insufficient...Read More
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