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You can rest assured that this bright light system was designed with the highest quality and safety standards. With proper use, it will offer you many bright and cheerful winters!

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HP-06 SAD Light Box from Carolx 

SAD light box is a good product for winter which help human to get more exposure to light.  Though it is a hot product in Northern America and Europe, Chinese manufacturers no less about this product. Thus there are about 3-5 modules of this type in mainland China. 

We too, get familiar to this type last year. HP-06 is our first model and we have made it different compare with similar products on market. 

SAD Light lamp 1

It is LED light sourse with many LED bulds inside and it is 99.99% UV free. In order to make the product more buautiful, we adopted sideview LED instead of direct light. So there is no LED bulbs on the white par in this picture, they are all in the "black part", surround the lamp.


Instead of a therapy lamp, it is also suitable for reading. 

In the comming future, we are going to produce more better SAD light box.  OEM &ODM are welcomed also. If you have any good idea, please kindly contact us immediately. Thanks in advance.

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