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A new portable LED desk lamp
- Jun 19, 2018 -

LED desk lamps are not new to everyone. Traditional lamps are mostly large and portable. But it's hard to stop the designer. Recently, there's a smart designer to bring a new desk lamp. It's not only small, it can be complete at any time, and it's also very good portability, very practical.

In terms of color, there are many colors such as red, green, grey and so on. In terms of materials, mixed materials were used, including elastic metal, wood and plastic materials. The biggest feature is that it can bend at will according to the needs of users, that is to say, the height of table lamps can be adjusted at will. The lamp head part uses several LED LED lighting, not only has the characteristics of high brightness, but also very low power consumption, so it can be said to be energy saving and environmental protection.

Because of the use of special materials, this lamp can bend tens of thousands of times, so you don't have to worry about life. It is worth mentioning that its portability is also very high. It can be placed in backpacks at any time, or surrounded by a circle to hang on the wall to reduce space occupation. However, the author believes that the only drawback is that 220V can only be used for AC power supply. If lithium battery can be built, it will be more perfect.

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