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Advantage of LED
- Sep 21, 2018 -

 Advantage of LED

LED has been praised as a green lighting product in the 21st century. Now, almost all eyes of the world are focused on this new light source, which has incomparable advantages compared with the traditional light source.5. Energy saving, economy and maintenance free;

6. Dynamic color control, adjustable light and shade, and three-color LED combination can use PWM to achieve color change.

7. LED has strong light direction, high light flux utilization rate, small volume, easy to control the appearance design and light intensity distribution of LED lamps;

8. LED can be provided with low-voltage dc power supply, which is safe and reliable;

9. The LED is not limited by the starting temperature and can be started instantaneously, generally several ms, and can achieve the total luminous flux output instantaneously.

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