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Advantages and Future Possibilities of LED
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Advantages of LED:
Energy saving: the power consumption of the same lighting effect is only 50~80% of the traditional light source.
Long service life: LED is a solid source of light, and its internal structure is firm and not loose. There are no disadvantages such as filament burning and heat deposition. Its theoretical service life is 100,000 hours, more than 10 times of the traditional light source.
Green and environment-friendly: there is no uv or infrared ray in the LED spectrum, no heat or radiation, no mercury and other pollutants in the LED, and the waste can be recycled. LED belongs to low pressure cold light source, can touch safely, belongs to the typical green light source.
Flexible size and easy design: the shape of LED is very small compared to the traditional light source, which makes the design of our lamps very flexible. Originally, many impossible lamps have become a reality.
Light efficiency potential: at present, the light efficiency of white LED can reach 80~120lm/W, and the quantum efficiency and light output rate of LED can reach more than 250lm/W by improving the quantum efficiency and light output rate of LED, which is basically impossible for traditional light source to break through.

The future of LED:
1. The application will be more extensive and the development will be faster.

2. Because of the small size and flexible size of LED, the lamp design is no longer trapped in the form of light source and is designed at will. LED lighting design can be more: casual, personality, art.

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