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Are natural wake-up lights really useful?
- Oct 29, 2018 -

WL 30

All you have to do is put your little lamp by your bed and plug it in and set the power on. Your lamp will be on in the morning!The drawback is: the power of the flash suddenly very bright, eyes will be a bit uncomfortable.The wake-up light is slowly brighter and will be more comfortable

In my opinion, the real reason for not getting up early is not external conditions, but individual will.I believe that all good sleepers have experienced this, as long as the external time limit allows, even if the time scheduled last night, will continue to drag until the minimum time limit.So this again from the external reminder of the condition of the high-tech problem,back to the old problem: how to improve the action, to do?

It's easier said than done.People who like to procrastinate usually do things this way: for most things, under certain requirements, limit yourself, but when the limit is reached, and you feel unfinished, procrastinate.When you're done, you regret it, but you'll do it again.So, there's a phrase I strongly agree with: people's behavior is to repeat what they've done before.It's just a change of form.But that's too absolute, and it's perfectly appropriate to procrastinate.So it's important to get up on time for the first time in order to get motivated, and then it's natural to think about getting up on time the day before.But it's just getting out of bed, and everything else, and that requires a change in your life.Lower your life goals first: meet your needs, but not your procrastination limit.And I keep repeating.Remember that if you do everything you want to do, you have to do it.

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