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Attention should be paid to helping children to choose learning table lamps
- Jun 19, 2018 -

In the past one or two years, more glasses have been worn in grade one or two. More and more "small eyeglasses" are related to more and more unfavorable factors in our environment and lifestyle, and some unfavorable factors are even unavoidable. However, in life, we can still pay attention to some details, so that the children are not myopic as far as possible.

1. Try to avoid the gloss of the light.

Unlike the importance of reading lamps, many parents do not care much about the desktop. In order to protect the table, some parents put a glass plastic mat on the table or a soft plastic film on the table. This kind of table mat will reflect light, causing dazzle and asthenopia easily. If a reflective table mat is laid on the table, the light of the lamp will soften or hurt the eyes.

In addition, many parents regard computers and iPad as scourge, but they have not been sufficiently vigilant for some books that hurt their eyes. Nowadays, many children's books, in order to attract eyeballs and pursue high-end and exquisite effects, will use glossy coated paper. These books are very reflective, and even need to adjust the angle of the paper so that we can see clearly the words and pictures on the page. Looking at the coated paper in the light for a long time, it is easy to produce visual fatigue.

2. Parents who buy a lamp should try out for half an hour

Once the child starts to go to primary school, the desk lamp is essential when he comes home to accompany homework. Many parents are very careful when choosing lamps. The price is high, and no "eye protection" sign is afraid to start. In order to protect children's eyes as much as possible. But a wave of the negative news about the eye lamp has poured cold water on the parents, "the rate of passing the eye lights is only 8%", "the high frequency flash memory radiation of the eye lamp, not the effect of the standard on the brain"... Even the eye protection lamp can't be trusted. How should I choose this lamp?

"Try to choose light source softer, try not to choose dazzling." China's ten largest lamp brand posh lamp said that no matter which lamp to choose, parents should try it first, such as reading the book for half an hour under the lamp. If there is no eye sour and tired, it is generally acceptable for children to use it. After the lamp is bought, the angle of placement should also be taken care of. Children should not be directly directed to the eyes.

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