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Bluetooth Hardware
- Aug 01, 2018 -

The technical specification of bluetooth includes not only the protocol but also the application. When implementing bluetooth, it is usually divided into two parts. The first is the software implementation, which is located above the HCI, including L2CAP, RFCOMM, SDP and TCS, and some applications of bluetooth on top of the bluetooth protocol stack. The second is the hardware implementation, which is located below the HCI, the underlying hardware module.


Bluetooth hardware module consists of wireless transceiver (RF), base-band controller (BB) and link management (LMP) of bluetooth protocol stack. Most manufacturers use on-chip technology called SOC(system-on-chip) to embed these three functional modules On the same Chip. It includes microprocessor (CPU), wireless transceiver (RF), base-band controller (BB), static random memory (SRAM), Flash memory (Flash program memory), universal asynchronous transceiver (UART), universal serial interface (USB), voice CODEC (CODEC) and bluetooth test module.

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