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Classification of Bluetooth Audio -- Mini portable with single horn
- Aug 07, 2018 -

Bluetooth Audio can be divided into several types mainly according to the pronunciation unit and usage.

The mini portable bluetooth speaker can be divided into one speaker, one speaker + one bass radiator, one speaker + inverting hole and one speaker diaphragm body. In terms of functions, it is mainly divided into ordinary single speaker mini bluetooth speakers and outdoor mini bluetooth speakers.


Ordinary single mini bluetooth speaker

This simple single - cylinder bluetooth speaker is the most popular at the beginning of bluetooth speakers. Due to the simple structure and technology and no special technical support, a large number of manufacturers have been attracted to the production. Due to the low price and the popularity of the new bluetooth speakers, there are countless such speakers in the market. For people to know and familiar with the bluetooth speaker set a great achievement. However, because the constraints of its own conditions, such as small cavity volume, serious product homogeneity and low price, it is difficult to break through in sound quality of the speaker box, and its endurance time is relatively short, mostly between 2 and 3 hours. As a result, this kind of speaker has great limitations, and most of them can only be used in fixed places. Most of its users have no requirement for sound quality, so it is easy for the public to buy the cheap common single-tube bluetooth speakers.


Outdoor single mini bluetooth speaker

Because the ordinary mini bluetooth speaker can hardly meet the requirements of the outdoor environment, the outdoor mini bluetooth speaker came into being. It provides with wireless and portable function , can be used at home or outdoors, and meet basic requirements of waterproof and anti-fall, can meet simple outdoor sports. However, due to the limitation of small size, its sound quality cannot have a big breakthrough, and it can only make a breakthrough in portability and water-proof and anti-fall. Generally, the battery life can only be used for short outdoor activities within 3 to 5 hours.

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