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Classification of Bluetooth Audio -- Mini portable with Double Horn
- Aug 08, 2018 -

Bluetooth Audio can be divided into several types mainly according to the pronunciation unit and usage.

1. A perfect combination of sound quality and portability

This kind of bluetooth speaker can be divided into two speakers, two speakers + one diaphragm, two speakers + inverter, two speakers + two diaphragm in terms of sound unit. Its functions are mainly divided into mini household bluetooth speaker and outdoor sport bluetooth speaker.

 1.1 Mini home bluetooth speaker

This type of speaker has a large degree of improvement in sound quality that can be used by most people, unless you are very professional. Its sound quality is better compact portable, basically be palm size, suit to live in put, modelling diversity product design differentiates big is a kind of good bluetooth speaker. However, as he is not specially designed for outdoor sports, the product has a general grip and does not have the function of waterproof and anti-fall. Therefore, the main site for use is indoor.

1.2 Outdoor sports bluetooth speaker

Outdoor sport is the upstart in the bluetooth speaker market. It is a combination of the advantages of the previous several speakers. The speaker's grip is good for portability, and it can meet both home use and long outdoor use. Its sound quality can achieve a relatively high level, better than the ordinary bluetooth speaker, can meet the vast majority of users.

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