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Common Certifications of Power Adapter
- Jul 28, 2018 -

Common Certifications of Power Adapter

Power adapters typically include CE, CCC, UL, GS, PSE and other certifications To some extent, having a certification means that the quality of the power supply is guaranteed. Adapters of bluetooeh speakers also have such meaning.


CE certification is the European Union safety certification system, which refers to the basic safety requirements of power supply without endangering human safety. CE is a test for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and safety rules (LVD). The general power adapter manufacturer will put the CE mark on the power label.


CCC certification is a compulsory product certification system. CCC certification indicates that the safety standard of power supply conforms to the national setting and further proves the safety of power supply.


UL certification is a safety certification system in the United States. For different service types of UL, the UL mark is divided into three types: column name, classification and recognition.


GS certification is a German safety certification system, which is based on the German product safety law (SGS), is a voluntary certification, and is recognized by the European market as a German safety certification mark. The power supply has a GS certification mark indicating that the safety of the product has passed the test of a credible independent agency.


PSE certification is a compulsory safety certification in Japan to prove that electrical and electronic products have passed the safety standards test of the Japanese electrical and material safety law or international IEC standards.



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