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Common Styles of Desk Lamp
- Aug 14, 2018 -

Common Styles of Desk Lamp


The earliest used incandescent lamp

Incandescent lamp is the earliest lamps and lanterns to use since having electricity, its biggest function is the light is closer to natural light, have protective effect to our eye. Its disadvantage is slow heat dissipation. After reading, studying and working for a long time, there will be obvious visual fatigue, accompanied by dizziness and head distension.


More common energy-saving lamps

energy-saving lamps, as its name means it has advantage of saving energy. However, the light source is not very stable, that is to say, very close to the lamp in the case of very bad eyes.


LED lamp that in general use today

Leds are widely used as light-emitting diodes. Its biggest advantage saves electricity environmental protection, and than general lamps and lanterns service life is long, illuminant and heat dissipation do better

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