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Components of Bluetooth Hardware ( II )
- Aug 03, 2018 -


The CPU is responsible for bluetooth bitstream modulation and demodulation special level processing, and also controls the transceiver and dedicated language encoding and decoder


Memorizer and SRAM

Flash memory is used to store all software parts of the baseband and link management. SRAM ACTS as the running space of the CPU, calling software in Flash to SRAM at work.


Tone Encoder and Decoder

CODEC consists of digital converter (DAC), ADC, digital interface, coding module, etc. Its main functions: provide voice coding and decoding function, provide CVSD(Continuous Variable Slope Delta Modulation). That means two kinds of mode, one can Continuous variable slope delta modulation, the other is logarithmic PCM(Pulse Coded Modulation), and pulse code modulation


Pulse Code Modulation

It is composed of test module(DUT), test equipment and measuring equipment. Generally, the test equipment is formed into a piconicular network by the test equipment, which is the main node and DUT is the node. The test equipment controls the entire test process.

Its main function is to provide certification and consistency specifications for wireless layer and baseband layer, as well as to manage the production and after-sales testing of products.


Full-speed and High-speed

UART(Universal Asynchronous Keceiver Transunitter) and USB(Universal Serial Bus).


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