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Cross-border e-commerce report 2018: a survey of more than 30,000 consumers in 31 countries has drawn these conclusions
- Oct 25, 2018 -

A healthy global e-commerce market is taking shape, according to a joint study by online payment provider Pypal and market research group Ipsos

The report looked at online shopping habits of about 34,000 consumers in 31 countries.Compared with other European countries, more and more overseas online shopping people tend to buy British goods, and British goods are in great demand among overseas online shopping people.In the past 12 months, about 14 per cent of overseas online shopping's worldwide bought from the UK, according to the global survey.


In Europe, the second most popular destination for cross-border online consumption is Germany. About 10% of overseas online shopping people have bought products from Germany, and the top five online exporters of cross-border products in Europe are:1. The British2. The German3. The French4. The Italian5. The NetherlandsThe us market is the largest for the UK's e-commerce business.Over the past 12 months, overseas online shopping people from the us have bought about 12.5 billion pounds worth of goods from the UK, up from the same period a year earlier.

China is another major market for British e-commerce.In the past 12 months, Chinese buyers have bought a total of about 5.7 billion pounds worth of goods.

The report also revealed the importance of the European market for British goods exports, with overseas online shopping's in France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden all choosing the UK as one of the top three destinations.


Why do consumers choose overseas online shopping?The main reason is that overseas online shopping is cheaper.Of those, about 72 percent said they bought goods from other countries because they were cheap.Survey data from PayPal showed that the pound fell after the eu referendum, making British goods more internationally attractive.Other reasons why consumers conduct overseas online shopping include:Some goods do not sell in their country (49%)Discover new and interesting products (34%)High quality of overseas products (29%)Cheap shipping (24%)

What does overseas online shopping buy?Globally, clothing is the most popular overseas online shopping list category.About 68% of overseas online shopping's have dressed in overseas online shopping in the past year.Other popular products include:Electronic products (53%)Toys (53%)Jewelry and watches (51%)Cosmetics (46%)


What is the overseas online shopping channel?Most online shopping behavior is still done via desktop or laptop, but smartphone shopping is growing rapidly.Smartphone purchases have almost doubled in Europe and the us since 2016, with us and Chinese buyers contributing heavily. In the us, 61 per cent of overseas online shopping respondents had done online shopping via smartphones in 2017, while in China it was 84 per cent, topping the survey market.

Major online cross-border transactions are done on the PC sideNicola Longfield, head of small businesses at PayPal in the UK, said: "" with the UK economy growing at a steady pace, it is time for all UK businesses to open their doors to overseas consumers.Shopping is growing fast, and the report highlights the subtle changes companies can make that could attract more overseas consumers.If national boundaries are set for the business, sales growth will be limited.In the past 12 months, people from Austria to Australia, Belgium to Brazil have bought British goods online.We want to encourage other companies to sell their goods online to other countries.

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