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Features Of Riding Speaker
- Aug 23, 2018 -

    With the continuous development of science and technology, electronic products are becoming smaller and more portable, and mini speakers and sports speakers are becoming wider and wider in the market expansion industry. Bicycle speakers have come into being, thus providing loudspeakers for portable electronic products of bicycles, enabling users to enjoy the rhythm of music while riding bicycles.

Here are the features of riding speaker:

◇Compact size, easy to carry, cool shape, trendy fashion, personalized color matching, fresh and natural;

◇Integrating power amplifier, battery and dual loudspeaker, the company pioneered the patented technology of "dual speaker resonator, MP3 generation and audio as one function", which solved the problem of too single traditional audio or MP3, broke the decades of restrictions on the external specification of the speaker box, and compressed to the limit;

◇No need audio lines, no external power;

◇The design is concise and easy to use;

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