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How to choose office lighting
- Aug 28, 2018 -

How to choose office lighting

When choose lamps and lanterns, the efficiency that considers lamps and lanterns even, allocate light, use coefficient, surface brightness, dazzle the modelling that reachs lamps and lanterns and adornment environment are harmonious. For example:


office lighting: The proposal had better use fluorescent lamps to make general illume, set desk lamp to make local illume next on desk. The light from the fluorescent lamp of the inductive ballast produces 100 occultation changes per second. In particular, the use of computers, usually inductively ballast fluorescent lighting and fluorescent screen frame flash overlap to form light resonance. Working in such a lighting environment, the eyes are prone to fatigue and even myopia. As a result, the EEC banned the installation of fluorescent lamps in offices with computer fluorescent screens as early as 1997.

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