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How to Choose Table Lamps
- Aug 27, 2018 -

 How to Choose Table Lamps

Professional organizations have found that people feel dizzy if the luminance of a lamp is much higher than that of an indoor environment. So, the brightness of the luminaire is not equal to good light, too bright can damage retina.

Home lighting: Ideal lamps and lanterns is won't see bulb clearly, the light that sends out should downy and bright, the focal point that projects is apparent, won't produce visual fatigue so.

When choosing desk lamp, floor lamp, brightness level can be referenced with common illume light of house. Room lighting of the background light, such as ceiling light, it should be the weakest light source. The lamp next to the sofa should be the auxiliary light source that gives a person downy sense. Like the spotlight and reading lamp should have  strongest concentrated light source

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