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Indoor Application of LED
- Sep 22, 2018 -

Indoor Application of LED

At present, the application of LED in indoor lighting engineering mainly focuses on commercial lighting, mainly on decorative lighting:

1. Indoor commercial atmosphere lighting, such as high-end exclusive stores and shopping malls, LED light source is energy-saving, environment-friendly and non-ultraviolet, which caters to the psychology of some merchants to display personalized light environment, and has become the first choice light source for some merchants to display certain special products.

2. The lighting of entertainment places and beauty salons is easy to control by the integrated light source in full color, which can create static and dynamic lighting effect. From white light to any color of the full spectrum, a strong entertainment atmosphere is rendered. The appearance of LED opens a new idea for decoration design of this kind of space environment.

3.  bars, coffee shops and other places of leisure atmosphere lighting LED light source is small in size, solid-state light, give a manufacturer of lamps and lanterns of infinite space, can make all kinds of different styles of professional LED lamps and lanterns, LED the whole spectrum of any color and lighting effect of dynamic and static let make emotional appeal of the decorative and functional performance in this kind of places to get incisively and vividly.

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