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Indoor Application of LED
- Sep 25, 2018 -

Indoor Application of LED

At present, the application of LED in indoor lighting engineering mainly focuses on commercial lighting, mainly on decorative lighting:

4. Lighting of museums, art galleries and other professional places. Museums, art galleries and other places are special occasions with high requirements for lighting environment. The particularity of the objects displayed requires that the lighting source does not contain ultraviolet light and does not have thermal radiation. LED is a cold light source. The light does not contain ultraviolet light, which can fully meet the special requirements for lighting in museums and art galleries.

5. The application of stage-lighting LED light source of commercial theater, TV studio dance and photography in indoor lighting has explained a new concept to the lighting environment of theater and studio.

6. The lighting of the hotel, hotel, hotel and hotel USES LED products, either in the lobby or in the guest room, which brings a different feeling to the customers. In addition to energy saving, it can also display luxury and warmth. For the owners, the personalized light environment created by LED can fully show the strength of the enterprise.

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