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Instruction Manual of Mirror Lamp
- Aug 18, 2018 -

This one is a makeup mirror with LED light, help you have a natural makeup.

led mirror light.jpg

Operation instruction:

  1. Fully charge the mirror with USB core before first use.

  2. Touch the switch on the mirror to turn on and off and adjust the brightness.

  3. LED light brightness control: long touch the switch(>3s)to adjust the brightness. The light mirror will remember the brightness level that you turned off last time.

  4. Power ytpe: USB port or 5V/1A LED driver.



  1. DO NOT remove the internal parts of product.

  2. Fully charge the mirror before first use.

  3. Recharge the unit every 3 month until it is fully charge if the unit is stored for more than 3 months.

  4. Keep away from heat and fire.

  5. Wipe clean with soft cloth.

  6. Handle with care and place it in childproof location.

  7. Clean up broken pieces as soon as possible in case of personal injury.

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