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Introduction to the function of desk lamp
- Jul 30, 2018 -

        Desk lamp, according to use functional classification to have: read desk lamp, adornment desk lamp, accompany reading desk lamp, portable desk lamp.

Read desk lamp, lamp body appearance is concise and portable, it is to point to the desk lamp that is used to read and write technically, this kind of desk lamp can adjust the height of lamp lever commonly, illuminative direction and brightness, it is illume reading function basically.

        Adornment desk lamp exterior is luxurious, material and design are diversiform, lamp body structure is complex, use to adorn dimensional effect, adornment function and illume function are equally important.

The desk lamp of the bedroom already exceeded the value of desk lamp itself far, desk lamp has become the artwork that cannot get much already, below the idea of light decorate heavy adornment, the adornment function of desk lamp is more apparent also.

        Desk lamp besides reading, adornment outside.The latest technology is also like a robot, which can move, dance, automatically adjust the light, play music, clock, video, touch and other functions, especially the desk lamp of ceramic craft which has the value of collecting.

        The lamp ACTS the role of what in household life?In the dark night, the light is the spirit, is the warm atmosphere of the construction of skilled.Through the level of light and shadow, the space is more vigorous.In the daytime, the adornment art that lamps and lanterns transform a bedroom, it and furniture, cloth art, adornment are interspersed the beauty of life together, the lamp is playing the pivotal role in bedroom space.

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