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Introduction to Wake Up Light
- Jul 20, 2018 -

Introduction to Wake Up Light

The natural wake up light simulates the summer morning sunlight and allows you to wake up naturally by gradually enhancing the light. Before you get up 30 minutes, the lights will brighten up gradually, when the light get into your eyes, it will make your body ready for getting up when you are still sleeping, so you can feel energetic whole day. Getting up in the morning won't be difficult. 

Not only the light, but also the special sound help you get up easier and pleased.  Special sound design - with the simulation of the natural sound effect. It can also be used as a bedside reading lamp, and can adjust the brightness. 

Medical research has confirmed that human sleep has its inherent mechanism, and natural wake is in line with the human body clock.Light is a necessary condition to wake up naturally. It is a biological alarm clock in human body.In the morning, the body feels the sun's light gradually getting stronger, and melatonin secretion will decrease, serotonin secretion will increase, and metabolism will speed up. People will gradually transition from sleep to light sleep until they wake up. So the wake up light is a good choice for everyone.

Wake up light can also used to help people sleep with comfortable light and natural sound. I t can also changing color : with the function of cycle 256 RGB color

combinations or select a fixed color, providing you unique color experience.

Following are some pictures of our product , wake up light MY-06. 

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