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LED lamps are unique and various products emerge as The Times require.
- Oct 26, 2018 -

LED 7color charging wake lamp

In recent years, under the promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection, LED lamps are unique, and various products emerge as The Times require.

This product is equipped with a floating gesture sensor switch, which can turn on and off the light automatically in just one second, and turn on the light for you at any time.Set an alarm clock function to be your butler;The colorful light source is designed to protect the eye temperature. It is designed with multi-function switch and adjustment method in mind. You can adjust the colorful light as long as you want.It can accurately measure the temperature and humidity of the day and remind you to dress and drink in time.


The household adornment of contracted, originality can relax mood more, alleviate the pressure on the spirit.......

This product has American, British and European standards, the panel can also be customized according to preferences;The product has built-in high-brightness LED, which can be automatically lighted at dusk and turned off at dawn.The small night light touches cool, low maintenance cost and can last up to 100,000 hours.The product is suitable for bedroom, corridor, toilet or other dim light locations.


Intelligent offline voice voice control eye protection LED light

Cold winter day, just want to nest in the warm quilt nest, get up and turn on the light this kind of thing, still give intelligence lamp to do!All you have to do is say, "hello, small white, please turn on the light!"Not used to sleep in the dark, small white to help you turn off the lights........

The product has the following six highlights:

1. Offline speech recognition control to liberate hands.One wake can be controlled by multiple instructions continuously;

2. Soft lighting, no blinding or stroboscopic, most eye protection;Three levels of brightness adjustment, suitable for lighting, reading, night light mode;

3. Touch switch and voice recognition make operation more convenient;

4. Rechargeable, lasting for more than 4 hours;

5. Fold the structure and adjust the lighting Angle at 180 degrees.Colorful atmosphere lamps add warmth to the use environment.

Calendar, alarm setting, temperature display and other functions, let you love.


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