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Merit and Demerit of Touch Dimmable Light
- Aug 23, 2018 -

Merit and Demerit of Touch Dimmable Light

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 Non-polar dimming is achieved by controlling  the current size of the LED. There may be only  one group, or multiple groups in parallel. Non-  polar dimming is only suitable for incandescent  lamp or LED light source. It is not suitable  for fluorescent lamp or energy-saving lamp  light source. The light source will flicker  when the lighting principle is adjusted to low  voltage. Although the stepless modulation is  fully energized and cannot focus on any one  place, the working life of LED is exponentially  longer when it is smaller than the rated  current, and the total life is longer.  Moreover, the stepless modulation is not simply  a series resistance to reduce the current, in the entire dimming is also less power than full brightness, the principle is similar to the former incandescent lamp lamp.

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