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Pick a LED lamp that doesn't hurt your eyes
- Jun 19, 2018 -

LED lamp is a modern household lighting, often used to assist lighting lamps, especially in the study and bedside of the local, often used. Although the LED desk lamp is relatively small in volume compared with other lamps and lanterns in the room, the quality of the lamp is still quite great, especially for the eye eyesight, so what kind of lamp is good when choosing the LED lamp?

1. With white light bulbs, scientific research has proved that our vision is best under white light, so choose an incandescent lamp or a grind lamp that can announce a soft, white light instead of a colorful light bulb.

2, the degree of the light bulb should be suitable. If the degree is too low, it is not easy to see the handwriting when the light of the book is dim. This will lead to exhaustion, which will lead to myopia. If the light bulb is too high, too strong light will be reflected in the white paper to our eyes, glare, and the pupil continues to shrink, causing eye pain and headache.

3. The size of the bulb should be matched with the lampshade. Make sure that the bulb is hidden in the lampshade and avoid the direct rays of our eyes.

4, the height of the lamp is also very important. Generally, when the book is 30 centimeters apart, it can not only see the handwriting, but also not be overtired. In this way, the height interval of the desk lamp is suitable for the written 40-50 centimeters. This ensures that the lighting is adequate and the surrounding environment also has a certain brightness. If the lamp is too low, the light will be too small, and the surrounding area will be black. If the lamp is too high, the light will shine directly into our eyes, and there is a glare. Together, the near spaced strong light will also form light on the retina, which will make the eye muscle tighten and accelerate the vision reduction.

5, the placement of table lamps also has a great impact on eyesight. Because most people write with their right hand, the lamp is placed in front of the left of the body, and the writing does not shadow on the paper by the shield of the hand, and the light on the paper will not be reflected in our eyes.

When parents choose the LED lamp for their children, they must be aware that if the child is still very small, do not pick the lamps which can easily touch the light bulb of the child so as to avoid the heat of the light bulb to burn the young skin of the child.

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