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Some comments on the wake-up light
- Aug 27, 2018 -

    Wake up light is different from traditional alarm clock. Wake up light wake you up by natural light and natural sound. Make wake up easier. 

    Here is some comments on the wake up ligth, let's see how's the user feeling after using this wake up light.

--I used a natural wake up lamp before, and I got into the habit of getting up early. The effect of light on sleep is huge.Later, when the lamp broke down, I switched to the mobile app for monitoring deep and light sleep. It was quite comfortable to get up, but I found it can't compaired with the wake up light. Then I ordered another wake up light. Some people say waking up by will is bullshit.Morning rise not to be on the body physiology have resist to get up, consciousness is not sober condition, how to say will awaken?The real reason people can't get out of bed isn't laziness, but a mismatch between the body clock and the social clock, which sleep experts say is related to jet lag.

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