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Specification of Bluetooth Speaker (II)
- Aug 10, 2018 -

In terms of sound performance, the effective audio data volume of CD (44.1KHz sampling rate and 16bit sampling accuracy) is about 1.4Mbit. To transmit the CD sound quality music signal, the transmission rate needs to be kept at 2Mbit per second, and the bluetooth "2.1+EDR" specification is adequate. Moreover, since this kind of product usually adopts the mature acoustic structure of traditional sound box, and realizes wireless playback after integrated bluetooth module, its sound quality is equivalent to that of the same level of sound box.


In terms of specifications, although the bluetooth 3.0/4.0 standard has been proposed, the former is mainly reflected in that the radio frequency modulation of bluetooth is in line with wifi, while the latter is reflected in the application of automatic power control, namely low power consumption. Both versions represent improvements in bluetooth technology, but not much with audio applications. 

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