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The difference between sound quality and sound effect
- Nov 12, 2018 -

The difference between sound quality and sound effect

The so-called sound quality is the quality of sound. If it is difficult to understand, it can be compared with digital photos. $ G' p" p! D. }5 x, g

If the color of a photo is very pure, the level of detail is very rich, and the brightness is very accurate, we can say that the "quality" of this photo is very good. We can process the photos with the image processing software, which can deepen the color density, enhance the contrast, sharpen it, or add some artistic effects. So we look like the photo looks more beautiful, but it has actually destroyed the original image quality. 8 K0 |0 P$ S, y6 h# m, [


The same is true for sound quality. We adjust the equalizer to enhance the high-pitched sound, plus the DFX plug-in, etc., which makes us sound more pleasant, but the details of many sounds have been lost.

Sometimes it is essential that we process and modify the sound or image so that it is more in line with the individual's appreciation needs. However, we should not think that it is to improve the sound quality. In short, the more processing, the more plug-ins, the more damage to the sound quality.

Besides, many people are comparing the sound quality of the playback software. Comparison is not impossible, but you must know how to compare, otherwise it will only give people ignorance. . L3 L" L! [! Y

We generally add plugins more or less when listening to music, but in fact, at this time we are only comparing sound effects, not sound quality. If you remove the sound factor, we actually compare the decoder of the playback software. If you use the same decoder playback software, you can hardly compare the difference. Even different decoders are basically mature technologies for MP3 decoding. Although there are differences, it is also very small. In our general home computer, claiming to be able to distinguish it is just self-deception. Or, at all, I don’t know how much I compare with sound rather than sound.

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