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The Historical Origin Of The Light Source
- Sep 03, 2018 -

        Desk lamp, table lamp is a great invention, but we all know it's all thanks for the invention of light sourse.

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        Here is the historical origin of the light source:

  1. In the late 18th century, people began to study the electric light source;

  2. In the early 19th century, h. David invented the carbon arc lamp in England;

  3. In 1879, T.A. Edison invented the practical filament filament lamp, which enabled mankind to enter the era of electric lighting from the long time of firelight.In 1907, drawn tungsten wire was used as the incandescent body;

  4. In 1912, i. romer et al. in the United States carried out research on the gas-filled incandescent lamp, which improved its luminous efficiency, extended its life and expanded its application range;

  5. The low pressure sodium lamp was developed successfully in the early 1930s.

  6. In 1938, fluorescent lamps were developed in Europe and the United States, and their luminous efficiency and life were more than three times that of incandescent lamps, which was a major breakthrough in electric light source technology.

  7. High-pressure mercury lamp enters practical stage in 1940 s.In the late 1950s, the halogen tungsten lamp with small size and light failure was introduced, which changed the sluggish state of the thermal radiation light source technology, which was another major breakthrough in the electrical light source technology.Metal halide lamp and high - pressure sodium lamp were developed in 1960s;

  8. In the 1980s, the compact fluorescent lamp, the low-power sodium lamp and the low-power metal halide lamp appeared, and the electric light source entered the new period of miniaturization, energy-saving and electronic.


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