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The superior performance of LED desk lamp
- Jun 19, 2018 -

(1) LED desk lamp environmental protection: no pollution, no ultraviolet, no infrared and no heat radiation;

(2) low energy consumption design, the power consumption is only 150 hours. Once the desk lamp provides enough lighting, the smaller the power, the better. The light source produced by semiconductor technology has a high photoelectric conversion efficiency, enabling you to provide maximum power to become bright. DC power supply effectively eliminates the additional electromagnetic loss, further reducing the overall energy consumption, so that the power of the whole machine is less than 7.5W

(3) long life light source, 10 years without changing bulbs, 100 times of ordinary bulbs.

(4) the source of luminescence does not contain toxic heavy metals such as tungsten, mercury and so on. Semiconductors do not contain tungsten filament in incandescent lamps or mercury in fluorescent lamps and energy saving lamps.

(5) safe.12V low voltage DC power supply; no broken glass parts, ensure the user's safety is the minimum voltage that the human body can feel, the power of less than 36V is safe to the human body. It doesn't even need 3C authentication. DC power supply eliminates electromagnetic radiation pollution of high frequency alternating current.

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