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Twisting Light
- Nov 08, 2018 -

1. On/Off

    Touch the key to turn on/off the light after about 1 second.

2. Handle

    Open the handle, can be hung, portable, easy to use.

3. Brightness adjustment

    Increase brightness from small to large slide brightness adjustment control area.

Reduce brightness from large to small slide brightness adjustment control area.

4. Color temperature switching

    When the light is turned on, the light is white, and the product is reversed by 180 degrees. This will automatically turn into yellow light. When the light is yellow, it will rotate 180 degree, and it will automatically turn white.

Reverse the product by 90 degrees and place it flat on the horizontal plane. At this time, the light-emitting surface will become half white and half yellow.

5. Low power tips

    When the blue indicator light flashes, the battery level is too low, then the product can continue to use for 10-20 minutes.

6. Charging

    The red indicator light is always on during charging, and the red indicator is off when fully charged.

Charging time:5-6 hours

Working time: 4-150 hours(according to the brightness)

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