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Two types of lamps with different control modes
- Jul 31, 2018 -

Touch Desk Lamp

        The principle of touch desk lamp is to install electronic touch IC and the electrode piece at the touch of desk lamp to forn a control loop. When the human body touches the electrode plate of induction, the touch signal is transmitted to the touch induction terminl by a pulse signal generated by pulsating dc current. Then, the touch induction terminalwill send a trigger pulse signal, and the light can be controllled to turn on. If touched again, the touch signal will be transmitted to the touch induction end by a pulse signal generated by pulsating dc. At this point, the touch induction end will stop sending the trigger pulse signal. However, sometimes after a power failure or voltage instability will also have their own lighting conditions, if the sensitivity of the touch reception signal is excellent, the paper or cloth can also be comtrolled.


Adjustable Desk Lamp

        The working principle of adjustable desk lamp is composed of resistance R2, potentionmeter RP1 and capacitance C, and  the adjustment of RP1 can change the conduction angle of the two-way thyristor V, thus changing the bightness of the lamp EL. Resistance R1 is current limiting resistance. The charging of the shut is determined by the resistance value of the photosensitive resistance RL. When the power grid voltage rises, the light brughtness increases, the RL resistance decreases, the shunt increases. Conversely, when the power grid voltage drops, RL resistance value increases, shut decreases, thyristor conductionangle increases, output voltage increases, and light brightness increases. In this way, the brightness of the light automatically stabilizes at the set value.

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