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Which Aspects Should be Considered When Buying A Lamp
- Aug 15, 2018 -

Which Aspects Should be Considered When Buying A Lamp


color temperature:The color temperature of the light source mainly has three levels: high, medium and low. The low color temperature is a warm tone with yellow color; the high color temperature is a cold tone with white color; the medium color temperature is a soft light. It is obvious what these three grades are suitable for.


color rendering:To put it simply, when you buy lamps and lanterns, take a color photo and make a comparison under the light and natural light, see their difference, the smaller deviation shows better quality.


Illumination:Generally Speaking, you can turn the lamp on and take a look at the area of light that is projected onto it, and see if the light is evenly distributed, and if the level of light and shade is particularly noticeable. These differences should not be too large.  

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