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Which Color of Light Can Protect Our Eyes
- Aug 07, 2018 -

    "Eye lamp" mainly consists of a single-end fluorescent lamp and a lamp.Single-end fluorescent lamps are energy-saving lamps, and the main electrical components in lamps are electronic ballasts and starters.The eye lamp reduces the strobe, so as to reduce visual fatigue.Stroboscopic effect is a test index of all fluorescent tubes. The less stroboscopic effect, the better illumination effect.Secondly, the fluorescent tube of the eye lamp USES the tri-color fluorescent powder, which reduces the dazzle effect and makes the light soft and not dazzling.

    The main thing that protect an eye lamp is to point to without frequency flashing, namely the light of this kind of lamp brightness is stable, won't flash a flash, this is opposite fluorescent lamp character.Since the current frequency of the fluorescent lamp is 50Hz (Hertz), the light of the fluorescent lamp will flash (i.e., stroboscopic), and its stroboscopic speed is 50 cycles per second (i.e., 100 times).The eye lamp USES a high frequency electronic rectifier to increase the current frequency to 30 to 50KHz.Moreover, the afterglow effect of fluorescent powder on the lamp tube of eye protection lamp also reduces the amplitude of this kind of fast frequency flashing greatly, so the human eye can't feel the change of light basically, so the light is stable.

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