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Bluetooth Speakers Can Bring You A Better Life
- Jun 19, 2018 -

If I ask you, why do we work hard and work hard? You will surely have a decent reason, and different people will have different answers. But all the answers are "for a better life", isn't it? Like the Internet, Bluetooth speakers are essentially a tool. The Internet advocates the interconnection of all things, while the Bluetooth speakers reflect the love of music and love life.

Today's Chinese consumers want to spend more than any time, which can be seen from the always mentioned "consumption upgrades", and the core of the upgrade is "a better life," whether it's the new middle class that Wu Xiaobo mentioned, or the emerging consumer power of the post - 90s generation, each industry and the public. The department needs to think about how you will serve to build a "better life", to subdivide the scene, to be a subdivision of the category, to be a brand location, and to be a service innovation. Bluetooth sound box is the development of more than one of the more than one element, do not believe you can understand the waterproof Bluetooth sound box BT801 and BT806, its brand is Michael. The above examples are typical of scenario segmentation, category segmentation, brand positioning and service innovation.

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