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Eye Protection Lamp Main Objective
- Jun 19, 2018 -

The "eye reading lamp" is mainly composed of two parts: light source and luminaire. The lamp is usually a light source with better light quality. The lamp is a light mask that can improve the uniformity of the light distribution, and can reduce or reduce the glare, and the driving circuit that provides the current to the light source. In order to improve the angle and ghost problem of the light source, the eye protection desk lamp can optimize the light source through the UIV OLED panel technology.

(1) white light, similar to natural light, has a stable brightness and no flickering. It is not easy to cause eye fatigue.

(2) the luminous area is large, and no contrast shadow is produced.

(3) instantaneous bright spots, after light, quiet and no noise.

(4) more than 70% of ordinary incandescent lamps, and the lamp life is more than 6000 hours.

The working principle of a "eye protection lamp" is to raise the low frequency flicker to the high frequency flash, which uses a frequency conversion electronic ballast to increase the current frequency from 50Hz to 30-50kHz to make the eye feel less stroboscopic, and use three basic color phosphors to make light soft, so as to reduce visual fatigue.  Stroboscopic effect is an indicator of all fluorescent tubes: the less obvious stroboscopic, the better the lighting effect.

Second, the working principle of another kind of "eye protection lamp" is to turn alternating current into direct current, and to use DC lamp to achieve no strobe. There is no electromagnetic radiation. Typical DC lamps have DC eye protection (DC ballast) and LED lights (using adapters).

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