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Future Development Prospect Of LED Desk Lamp
- Jun 19, 2018 -

Popular (consumer lighting) LED lamp market tends to adopt an open unified standard to ensure good interoperability between different manufacturers' products. With the technical progress and wide application of the LED eye reading lamp, the installation and debugging of the control system will be simpler and without additional tools and expertise. LED lamps are more controllable, such as brightness, color temperature and color controllable. The multifunctional lighting control panel with scene, dimming and color control functions gradually replace the traditional switch panel.

With the highly integration of table lamp technology and Internet, Internet of things and cloud technology, LED lamps will be widely spread and everywhere. With the expansion of the application scale of the desk lamp and the improvement of the industrial chain, the cost of the LED lamp will be greatly reduced. LED charging desk lamp Market Forecast LED charging desk lamp has been relatively mature, so the future market demand will not have explosive growth. The demand for eye protection desk lamps will still keep increasing rapidly. At present, LED lamps are still mainly used. In the field of reading and office, home lighting has started and the market potential is huge.

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