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How Does The Computer Connect To A Bluetooth Speaker
- Aug 09, 2018 -

How to use wireless bluetooth stereo?After the wireless bluetooth stereo connect the power supply, just open the power switch, press and hold the front bluetooth switch, until he heard two "beep" sound and flashing the bluetooth indicator light, said bluetooth is on, and has entered the search pattern, through mobile phones and other compatible bluetooth mobile search, connect the speakers can be realized.

Step 1:Make sure your computer has bluetooth.Annyone without bluetooth can buy a bluetooth adapter. 

Step 2:Add the device by clicking the bluetooth icon in the bottom right coner of the desktop.

Step 3 : Select and find the bluetooth speaker and then click it. The computer automatically installs the driver and displays the successful addition of the dedevice. The computer automatically installs the  driver and displays the sucessful addition of the device.

Step 4 : Start the menu-click on the device and printer. Find the bluetooth speaker, select, and right-click the propety. Find the bluetooth speaker, select,and right-click the property. Switch to the service TAB, You can select all the options, then confirm that the computer will insall the driver automatically.

Step 5: Double-click the bluetooth speaer icon, the popup window and click the connection. Please note that the bluetooth speaker in this window cannot be turned off during playback, otherwise, the connection will be broken. The fourth and fifth steps should also be repeated when the computer starts up again to connect to the bluetooth speaker.

Step 6: right-click the small horn (volume adjustment) on the lower right side of the desktop and click the playback device.

Step 7: set the bluetooth audio right button as the default device in the playback TAB, confirm.

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