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How To Choose A Good Desk Lamp
- Aug 31, 2018 -

        This tips if for choosing a good desk lamp, choosing one which is good for our eye and our eyesight.

        The first thing is to look at the light.(1)the brightness is stable without flicking; (2)soft light; (3)the ligt is more uniform, not a small point light sourse; (4)Lamps are properly designed with no visible to the eye.

        The second should see certificate, product qualificatin certificate, safety certificate should be complete, with “CCC” mark, namely often say “3C”.

        Third see ude, use and maintain method need to be simple. 

        The fourth should see after sale service, and must have maintain address and telephone.

        Lastly, While it's important to choose a good lamp, pay special attention to how you use it to ensure that the lighting intensity and uniformity of the eye ares is appropriate, neither high nor low.

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