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How To Choose Good Bluetooth Speaker?
- Nov 08, 2018 -

How to choose good bluetooth speaker?

The unevenness of the performance of a conference room sound is usually affected by multiple factors, such as the thickness, density, and degree of closure of the cabinet. The following is a small series for everyone to share the latest conference audio how to buy, welcome everyone to refer.

Focus 1:

It is not necessary to select a low-pitched cell with a large aperture. The role of the low-frequency is related to various factors, such as the material of the unit, the strength of the magnet, the space inside the conference room sound, etc. It is not possible to simply distinguish between them because of any change. At one point, the unit will make a sound effect of a different personality.

Focus 2:

It is not necessary to choose a high-powered conference room audio. Now, some conference room audio on the market advertises how high the power is. The power is up to 400W, and the frequency response scale is 20HZ-20KHZ... People who are unclear think that The higher the power, the better. Originally, this is a way of misleading consumers.

Focus 3:

The sound of the conference room in the log cabinet is not always good. Often, when we walk into the audio city or the electric city, there will always be an enthusiastic salesperson telling you that the sound of a certain conference room is made of logs and it is worth buying. They may think that making a box with logs is a kind of The symbol of high raw materials means strong, practical, or even elegant. However, the logs are also good or bad, and the precision of the production is very severe.

Focus 4:

Quotation is not the only standard for purchasing excellent conference room audio. Into the audio city, we are often shocked by some luxurious and luxurious conference room audio, but those of the best are suitable for you, even if you are rich, The difference is not expensive, the main reason is the sound quality of the conference room audio. Some conference room audio surfaces are not extravagant, but the sound quality can reach the moving effect.

Focus 5:

It is not necessary to choose a large conference room sound; some brothers like to buy a conference room sound in order to have a style or some other mind, and love to buy big. Originally, the size is defenseless, the key depends on the "weight" Imagine that large magnetic steels that ensure the sensitivity of the speaker unit and superb dynamic effects, ultra-thick density boards with added box strength, heavy metal radiators that enhance the heat dissipation of high-power amplifiers, and large transformers that complete weak power supply are added. The element of weight. Therefore, whether it is bulky or small, it requires a certain weight. Those conference room audios with unstable air bases must not be selected.

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