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How To Choose The LED Eye Lamp
- Jun 19, 2018 -

First, "no strobe" is the minimum condition for eye protection. On the market, the sale of fluorescent eye protection lights usually have stroboscopic phenomena.

Second, please buy yellowish white light lamp, do not buy a blue and white light. According to scientific verification, blue and white light has a certain damage to the human eye, commonly known as blue light harm, long time use will cause harm to the eyes, and light yellow and white light is suitable for reading and writing lighting.

Third, color rendering is an important requirement for eye reading lamps. If the color of the lamp is poor, it will be difficult to restore the original color. The simplest way to check the color is to check the color of the light with the blood red of the palm of the hand. In the light, the red color of the palm of the palm is good. If there is no blood color, the color is not good. It can also be compared with color pictures.

Fourth, in general, the power of the eye reading lamp can be fully read and illuminated from 9W to 18W. The power of light should also be in line with the bright and dark environment of the surroundings. In the environment with low brightness.

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