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How To Choose Your Background Music System Audio System?
- Nov 07, 2018 -

Sound family background music system is any room in the bedroom, including kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, study, balcony, all install background music controller, through one or more of the sound source, to transfer the hi-fi stereo music to each room, can choose according to their own needs sound source and the independent control of the volume of each room, so function on the panel and the remote control operation, let the wonderful music can be heard in every room.

Music has already been integrated into the interior decoration system in the star-rated luxury hotel, such as lobby, corridor and restaurant. Music in the background is like an invisible stream, flowing and omnipresent, which not only gives guests wonderful enjoyment, but also shows the elegance and comfort of the hotel. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standard, more and more attention is paid to the comfort and cultural taste of home decoration, music gradually becomes the new element of home decoration, and increasingly becomes one of the indispensable configuration of home decoration.
At present, there are many manufacturers of family background music. How to choose products suitable for us and with high cost performance according to our own conditions requires us to analyze and understand the products of this industry and its supporting products. A complete family background music system should include three parts:

1. Audio sourceThe controller partThe part of the speakerTo each part of the sound source is the source of the sound, can be simply interpreted as the carrier of record sound, background music system can choose audio, computer, TV, MP3, MP4,'t a MP5, can be as a source of sound, sound source can choose 6 road right there, 2 public audio wiring (input) and 4 road local audio source (built-in FM + 1 gb of memory built-in + extrapolation SD card + USB) controller part family background music points is given priority to the control system of type and split type two kinds.1. Different components;Central family background music is composed of a central host, a sub-controller of each sound area, a remote control, and a sound box.2. Different sound sources: the central host gathers all sound sources and sends them to each sound area control panel.3. Different functions: the main functions of the central mode are on the host, and the functions on the partition panel only control the audio source sound volume of the partition.4. Different power: the central power is larger and the split power is smaller.5. Differences in energy conservation and environmental protection: the central power consumes a large amount of electricity, and the loud noise will inevitably cause noise to the neighbors.6. Different flexibility: the central mode opens the host for every boot-up music in each sound area, which is less flexible. The separate mode controls the power switch separately in each sound area.7. Different price and performance ratio: the central type is very expensive, which is generally at least four or five times higher than the same-level split-type products. The price of split-type products is moderate and in line with the concept of mass consumption.

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