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How To Make The Sound Noise Easy!
- Nov 09, 2018 -

How to make the sound noise easy!

I believe that many of my friends have encountered the troubles of acoustic noise. Although it is not a big problem, when it is quietly enjoying music or watching movies, it is really unbearable to have noise interference. In fact, this is a very common audio problem. In general, computer audio is mostly active speakers, there must be an amplifier inside, so the noise is inevitable, the noise of active speakers can be roughly divided into electromagnetic interference, mechanical noise and thermal noise.



Electromagnetic interference can be mainly divided into power transformer interference and stray electromagnetic wave interference. The power transformer interference is caused by the magnetic leakage of the power supply of the multimedia speaker. The effect of adding the shield to the transformer is obvious when the conditions permit, and the magnetic leakage can be blocked to the greatest extent. The shield can only be made of iron-type materials. We should try our best to choose big brands and solid materials. In addition, using external transformers is also a good solution.


It should also be noted that if the potentiometer is used for a long time, there will be poor contact between the metal brush and the diaphragm due to problems such as dust accumulation and wear, and noise will be generated when rotating. If the speaker's screws are not tightened, the inverted tube is not handled properly, and mechanical noise is also generated when playing large dynamic music. Dealing with such thermal noise can be done by replacing low-noise components or reducing the component's workload. In addition, lowering the operating temperature is also an effective method. In addition, when the volume is adjusted too much, noise will also appear. This is because the output power of the amplifier may be small, it cannot be avoided by the large dynamic peak signal of the music moment or because of the distortion of the speaker overload.

There are noises in the sound, we generally fall into these categories:

1. Due to the problem of the sound source (the sound quality of the sound source is not enough, there is a situation such as popping noise.

2. There is noise when the audio is played because the audio speaker is burnt out.

3. Due to the contact between the input and output lines, the sound has obvious noise.

4, the audio hardware problem caused the sound of the sound is generally only the aging hardware will appear such a problem, if it is because of the internal hardware problems caused by the sound of the sound.

In fact, the factors that cause noise problems in audio are basically these aspects, so we don't have to think how difficult it is to fix it. It's not good, so change it directly. If you pursue high sound quality, the repaired machine is still not very good. So now let's take a look at how to solve some small problems.


1. Turn the volume potentiometer to the lowest level, that is, no sound (without sound source). At this time, the speaker should have no sound. If there is a click, it is the change and failure of the electrolytic capacitor capacity in the filter circuit of the power rectifier of the power amplifier. Or the capacity is too small; if the amplifier is turned on, there is a big hum, but the amplifier's audio input shielding is not good, check and eliminate the shielding fault.

2. The outer casing of each original must be grounded, especially the audio input line must be shielded, and the outer casing wire is well grounded.

3, the horn has a buzzing sound, most of the situation is caused by poor overall shielding, or the power transformer winding is not isolated between the primary and secondary, the isolation layer should be grounded.

4. Turn off the power plug to reduce the clicksound. If it is not enough, connect two 4700P capacitors with 250V working voltage at the power input end (power input end of the transformer). The center tap can be grounded.

5, individual components have a virtual weld, it is easy to cause a slight vibration to cause noise, you can use the chopsticks to tap each original one by one to check.

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