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How To Take Product Photos II
- Aug 01, 2018 -

Last week, a professional operator who is good at operating foreign trade platform,taught us how to manage. One point of his idea is taking right and good product photos. Beside the location selection and selection of shooting angles, here are another points.

1). We should highlight the thematic status of commodities

Highlighting the subject of the product means that the product should occupy the main position in the middle of the picture and occupy most of the area of the picture as much as possible. If the picture has foil goods, then the goods should not be too much, not more important.


2). The product design should be clear and true

The color in the commodity photo should be close to the original color as far as possible, and the baby in the picture should be clear and show the patterns and features of the commodity in a real way, otherwise it will give people a simple and untrustworthy feeling.


3). The overall style of the picture should be unified

The integral style of the picture unified is to point to the size of the photograph, shape, picture background tonal should be same, in order to foil goods and the style of the shop consistent style.


4). The background of the merchandise photos should not be too messy

The background should not be too messy or trivial, otherwise it will interfere with the display of the theme.


5). The assurance of light should be moderate

We can choose more professional photography environment, or choose to shoot in the place with good light in the day.


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