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How To Take Product Photos Of Bluetooth Speaker
- Jul 31, 2018 -

Today, a professional operator who is good at operating foreign trade platform,taught us how to manage. One point of his idea is taking right and good product photos. Here are the teaching information.


1. Location selection

place is usually shoot with natural light, not under an incandescent or fluorescent light, and a place where there is direct sunlight. Because the direct light is too strong, product photos taken with such light will have a sharp contrast, and the shadow is too stiff to see clearly in the dark. Taken with Incandescent or fluorescent light, the color of product photos is not real.


2. Selection of shooting angles

Usually, the shooting Angle is 45 degrees in direction and light. In this premise, the product placement can be decided according to their own needs. Such light can make the product pictures have more stereo feeling, and can show the product surface texture very well, for that the product can be more vivid. However, this Angle is not absolute, the photographer needs to adjust according to the actual situation.


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