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New Ideas Of LED Industry: Achieve New Span Of Healthy Lighting
- Oct 25, 2018 -

Health industry is a new industry with huge market potential.With the launch of the national strategic plan of "healthy China 2030", the health industry may become a new growth point of China's economy.The health industry covers a wide range, and the applications involved in the LED industry are very extensive.

At present, LED lighting industry has risen from the pursuit of luminous efficiency, energy saving and cost to the demand of light quality, light health, light biological safety and light environment, and healthy lighting industry is becoming a new growth point for the development of China's lighting enterprises.

Then, many enterprises begin to be in this new wind wind layout, a lot of illume big enterprise scramble to make healthy illume concept, roll out high quality healthy illume lamps and lanterns.Philips lighting aims to help residents around the world enjoy a safe, healthy and happy working and living environment, and optimizes users' overall feelings in visual, psychological and physical aspects through lighting.

As the leading enterprise of mobile lighting,Carolx has the profound ability of independent research and development, production and sales, and takes green lighting as its own responsibility for development, so as to let the healthy light care the user's body and mind.The intelligent desk lamp that its heavy weight rolls out combines advanced illuminative technology, do not have flicker, do not have glaring, do not have heavy shadow, can according to the change of peripheral light, adjust illuminance, color is mild develop color, make its can maintain optimal illume condition at any time, protect student's eyesight effectively.

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