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RGB Lamp Speaker With LCD
- Aug 15, 2018 -

RGB Lamp Speaker with LCD


This is a warm night lamp, just like your sleep companion. It can display time and set alarm. It equipped with LED display, can be a bluetooth stereo and an alarm clock.


Bluetooth device: Wireless bluetooth. Faster transmission speed, longer transmission distance and faster pairing,lower power consumption. it can easily match smart phones, computers and other devices and realize automatic connection within 10 meters.


RGB Lamp Speaker with LCD.jpg  Speaker:5W+ Low frequency amplifier


  Frequency Response:90Hz-20KHz



  SNR: 85dB



  Charging Time: 4-6 Hours, Playing Time:12hours

  Power Input: 5V 1A

  Max Output Power: 5W

  Max Brightness: 20 Lumen

  Color Temperature: 3500k - 3800k, Warm

  Micro SD Card/USB Flash Drive: Support up to 64G



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