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Testing Process Of Table Lamp With Pen Container
- Jul 26, 2018 -

Product Text Process of Table Lamp with Pen Container

As we all know, before a new product leave factory, it goes through a series of tests. Not only the quality text by related government organs, most times, customers will arrival to the factory to text by themselves.


Recently, SHENZHEN CARPLX TECHLONOGY CO., LTD. Finished a new batch of goods -- table lamp with pen container. We would like to tell you the process in the following part.


Firstly, customers will go through the whole product process, like: Parts assembly, packaging, inspection, testing, cleaning.

Secondly, customers will pay attention of the environmental health of the factory. It is very important that the part decides customers impress of us, also make influence in the following parts.

Finally, customers will measured current under the help of professional personal, then check the finished product. But in this part, you may have a question why customers unwrap the packing again? They just check the packing at the beginning. I will answer you yes, why? Because, this part can show the quality of packing, also the part that customer carp at.



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