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The Functional Features Of LED Bluetooth Speakers Box Lamp
- Jun 19, 2018 -

Led Bluetooth speaker light is the perfect combination of LED lighting, Bluetooth speakers and mobile APP control. Through the Bluetooth chip, we can realize the function of brightness adjustment, color change, light effect selection, music playing and so on.

Functional characteristics:

1. the 4 version of Bluetooth is used.

2. integrate the function of LED bulb and Bluetooth sound box.

3. support music playing, general lighting, colorful lighting and other effects.

4. unique APP applications can remotely control the brightness and color of the lamp and other operations (such as scenario setting, setting sleep time, music playback / pause, music selection and cycle mode setting, and volume regulation, etc.);

5. at the same time with APP control and IR (infrared remote control) control, more practical, more convenient to use, do not need to take mobile phones anytime and anywhere to control the equipment.

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